Offsets, Line Controls, and Defined Segment Lengths


We’ve always had an interest in road building and the unique challenges that face heavy civil construction. If there is anything we’ve learned from our heavy civil collaborations, it is that you all live and die by quantities. 

To get accurate quantities, we know you need to be precise with your annotations. Orders of magnitude can work for estimates but if annotations are off by a few feet over the course of a long road, it can lead to big differences in your quantities.

So in 2.6.1, we’re releasing a batch of features that lays the groundwork for fine-tuning your polygons. 

Defined Length Polygons

Ever wished you could display the distance between two points in a polygon? You can now! Just calibrate the sheet and toggle on the show lengths button in the measurement drawer of the annotation toolbar. The distance between each point of the polygon will display so you can get your annotation just right.


Need to stabilize the soil at a 5-foot offset past the edge of a road your paving, but the area isn’t defined on your sheet? Just use the polygon tool to mark the area of the road and use the new offset feature to extend specific points on your polygon out 5 feet. Use your offset annotation to ensure you nail your material order.

To perform an offset, on a calibrated sheet, just tap the offset button, tap or swipe over the points you would like to offset and define your offset distance. 

Line Controls

Take even more control over your annotations with our new line control features. Edit the line type (long dash, short dash, dotted, and cloud), line opacity, and width!

Email Notifications

To keep you updated on projects your working on, you can now receive daily emails that highlight changes. We’ll let you know about new revisions, and master annotations. For administrators, we are also adding the ability to recieve weekly emails to make sure remote field teams are staying up to date with the latest plans sets and software versions.  

We’ll be building on these features over the next couple of months so keep an eye out for future releases! In the meantime, make sure you’ve updated to version 2.6.1 and let us know what you think.


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