BluVue Plans 2.5.4 Release


We just released a new version of BluVue Plans on the app store and in this version we focused on cutting down on the number of swipes, taps, and drags you need to perform to get your work done. So in the spirit of saving time, let’s get into the features!

Remove Handles From Polygons

We’ve all accidentally adding an extra handle to a polygon or closed one too early. Having to delete the polygon and start over was a pain so we added the ability to remove nodes from polygons.

Adding nodes is as easy as swiping out on the new smaller handle, between your normal polygon handles. Removing nodes is as easy as dragging two handles together.



Search for Text within Attached PDF Files.

You asked so here you go! You can now search text based attachments for specific words or phrases. Just make sure that your attached PDF files aren’t flattened, and your good to go.


See Who Created an Annotation with the New Info Button

Ever wonder who made the annotation you are looking at? The new info button shows who made it.

We thought we’d throw in a little bonus here so if you sheet is calibrated, when you tap the info button you will see the area of your annotation too.

Swipe Down to Sync

The days of heading back to the dashboard to sync are over. With an internet connection, just swipe down on the project view to sync.


More Options for Sharing Sheets

You can now share sheets using AirDrop, cloud storage services, and other collaboration apps. If you prefer email that is still an option!

We even gave you the option to print, but honestly why would you want to do that???


BluVue Plans 2.5.4 is available on the app store. Start your free trial today!


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