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Simple, fast, project drawing uploads

Select from our one-step, Quick Publish or Advanced Publish options for full control over construction document upload.

Use Quick Publish (web and iOS) to preset plan folders, version number, and file naming method, and receive a text or email as soon as your plans are available to your mobile device. Or use Advanced Publish to set version, folders, and tags individually for every sheet. The choice is yours.

“I can't believe how much simpler BluVue Plans publishing is than other solutions we used to use. I've got plans on my iPad hours earlier than we experienced with other tools.”

Drawings optimized for mobile devices

Your plan sheets stay crisp and fluid as you zoom and pan; there are no pauses or blurs while the iPad loads more detail.

Optimized to balance size and detail with incredible responsiveness; BluVue Plans allows you to view the largest format PDFs on your iPad, iPad Pro, or Android tablet with ease and simplicity.

Swipe through sheets fast without any delay due to page loading.

“Touring a project with donors or owners is a part of my job.  It used to be cumbersome to roll and unroll plans at every stop.  Everyone appreciates not having a bulky roll of plans to manipulate.”

Versioning and Replacement Sheets

Centralized cloud-based document management makes replacing sheets a snap.

Your current plan set and all previous versions are available on any iPad, iPad Pro or Android tablet.

Versions are conveniently layered on top of each other (just like paper drawings) with the older versions visibly marked 'void'.

Design-Build projects require constant updates while at the same time, questions frequently arise that are easily answered by examining what was built or planned previous to the current set. 

“Rarely do I look at previous versions, but when I need to, it is really important to have them.”

Favorite Sheets

Just tap the ‘star’ on any sheet to mark it as a Favorite.

Immediately access Favorite sheets for either your current open project or any other project in your list.

“This changes everything! I can immediately get to any sheet I need for the day. Incredible.”

Centralized Project File Storage

Add budget spreadsheets, lengthy PDF specifications documents, manuals and other files to a single-source-of-truth repository for easy access.

Easily see a list of all media attachments to plans for quick access and retrieval.

“I've long wanted to get my spec documents out of the app but be able to access from BluVue. This is perfect!”

Filters, Folders, and Tagging

Organize sheets into named folders, to make them easier to find.

Tagging allows more generic grouping between drawings, specs, and documents.

Filters allow you to see just the sheets you need, when you need them. Filter by tags, by folders, favorited sheets, or by a combination.

“I switch between architectural and electrical drawings a lot.  Filters enable this to be lightning fast.”


BluVue keeps track of every sheet you have interacted with automatically.

Return to the sheet you were in 5 minutes ago in just two taps.

“Great feature. We use it every time we pick up the tablet.”

“All that frustration of trying to remember what sheet I was in a few minutes ago just vanished. Thank you.

Media Attachments on Sheet

Quickly add pictures, video or audio files directly to sheets for quick access and browsing of issues or concerns.

Icons can be precisely placed and color coded for easy reference.

“Thank you so much for adding this! Saves time, and I know exactly where my pics are, and have coded them by trade issues.”

Attachments to Annotations

Add images, video clips, audio files, and even most types of documents as attachments to annotations directly on the sheet

Record audio notes, take pictures or videos, right on site and share immediately with the team.

“A picture says a thousand words, and sometimes a couple pictures saves days of back and forth emails.”

Offline Capable

Project sheet sets are replicated to the mobile device in their entirety.

All major functions and features are available without an internet connection.

When device is next online, changes are automatically synchronized.

“Metal decks stop quality internet access.”

Takeoffs /Takeoff and estimating tools

Measure distances, perimeters, and compute areas of ad hoc regions on your plan using 5 discrete tools.

“We use two iPads with BluVue Plans to simultaneously view our architectural floor plan and electrical sheet for low voltage rough-in.”

Automatic callout linking & manual sheet and Internet link support

During publishing, BluVue automatically creates callout sheet hyperlinks for standard callouts.

Create a link from any annotation to any sheet. In any project.

EXCLUSIVE: Link any annotation directly to any Internet URL for direct access to vendor websites, installation manuals, etc.

“The most powerful linking I’ve seen. Very useful and smart.”

Shared Notes on Sheets

Add comments and commentary to a shared notepad on each sheet, visible to the entire team. Your virtual "whiteboard" on each sheet keeps the team up to date.

Easily add time & date stamps, and name stamps to each note, to create a history.

“When I have a 'hot issue', the Notes are great.  The info is right there, not spread across four emails and two voicemails.”

Document Management and Plans Export

Unlimited or metered storage of plans is available, with ample storage for project documents and media attachments.

Bring new projects online easily, even from your mobile device.

View completed projects, and export plans as a PDF for archival, with or without markups and annotations.

Sync plans automatically with cloud storage providers like Egnyte, allowing optional new plan revision updates, as well as automated export sync of annotations and markups, to cloud file server folders, for access by stakeholders not subscribed to BluVue.

“I manage 6 projects at a time.  I need all of my plans, all the time — not rolled up in my backseat.”


“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! The Egnyte automated plan sync is incredible. Love this.”

Team Management

Centrally manage who has access to projects.

Users can be managed in groups or individually.

invite subs into your account to access projects and for billing.

"I couldn’t manage as many projects as I do without it.”

Sharing and Collaboration

Create a screen snapshot and send to any stakeholder, engineer, architect, outside of BluVue Plans.

Markups and annotations can be made global and automatically shared to all users.

“Often my emails require me to reference a portion of a plan.  Using BluVue Plans, I just snapshot and email.”

Mobile and Desktop OS Support

Full support for both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro models) and Android phones and tablets

PC or Mac via modern web browser (Chrome OS and Linux users report good experience, but platforms are formally unsupported)


Pricing and Updates

Easy to understand pricing; license per user and select shared metered pages or an unlimited pages plan subscription in your Manage Account area from browser.

No long term commitment.

All new features and updates at your subscription level are always included.

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