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Ed Bell Construction Company offers a vast array of capabilities tailored to the heavy/highway and municipal reconstruction markets.

Team Embraces Digital Document Management

Document Management Challenge

Ed Bell's team needs easy, quick access to plans, operation manuals, specification books and safety documents from anywhere and at anytime. Traditionally employees would fill the back seat of their trucks with stacks and stacks of these documents that they would have to rifle through anytime they needed something. This led to employees not always having immediate access to all of the project documentation and manuals as things got lost and buried over time. It also posed a significant challenge when trying to update everyone's plan sets with the latest revisions; it was difficult to verify that everyone was inserting new/updated sheets into their books. Ed Bell's managers sought a better way to manage these documents and verify that everyone always had the latest-and-greatest plans.

BluVue Plan Solutions

In the Spring of 2012, Ed Bell rolled out BluVue Plans to its staff. Employees took to BluVue Plans quickly, and today, the solution is at the core of the company's document management processes. Even old-school employees, that were reticent to do anything with technology, quickly saw the benefits and embraced the solution. Ed Bell now keeps all of its plans, operation manuals, specification books and safety documents within BluVue Plans. Ed Bell's team can access these documents from anywhere using the BluVue Plans app.


Before Ed Bell started using BluVue Plans, the company had no way of verifying that everyone had access to and was building off of the latest plan sets. Ed Bell's managers are now able to easily distribute new documents to all of their employees and know that those employees have the latest plan sets and documents. When employees are out in the field, they can quickly and easily access their plans and documents even if they are offline. They now have immediate access to all of the documentation they need so that they can keep building and they can quickly mark-up plans and send out RFIs.

Watch EBCC Operations Manager Phillippe Falkner Shatter the 5 Great Myths of Digital Plans

In August of 2015, Phillippe Falkner, Operations Manager with Ed Bell Construction, addressed the most common reasons many firms have put off moving from paper to digital plans. Watch the video below to hear his frank, honest advice and step-by-step way to start realizing real savings as you make the move to digital plans.

We had a serious issue getting secondary documents (plan revisions, shop drawings, etc.) out to the field in a timely and consistent manner. BluVue plans has eliminated that issue entirely, and now I feel we have the best informed field supervisors in the area.

Phillippe FalknerProject Manager